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Our focus

Your Roleplay related One-Stop-Shop in SL

Mainstream apparel created since 2013 for the Rolepayer of the virtual world of Second Life.

Custom apparel

F-Guard is accepting custom work requests based on our mainstream products


EMERTEC is a brand of F-Guard with focus on technological solutions for Emergency Responder Roleplay Groups in the virtual world of Second Life

Roleplay facilities

F-Guard is providing role-play facilities which state of the art facilities control equipment


F-Guard provides liveries for role-play vehicles and aircrafts upon request


F-Guard is planning to introduce a completely new product line with special role-play vehicles


F-Guard is planning to introduce a completely new product line with furniture for roleplay groups

Customer Support

F-Guard provides customer support via it´s Helpdesk and in-world at our Headquarter Location.


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Our Team

F. Frimon
F. Frimon
Founder & CEO
F. Frimon (Firefighter Frimon) is the founder and CEO of F-Guard.
Papperle Papp
Papperle Papp
Associate Scripter
Papp is the mind behind the F-Guard 1K System and different other small projects
Bizi Pfeffer
Bizi Pfeffer
Associate Scripter
Bizi is the mind behind the Alarm and Security System, which is part of the 1k System
JC Pax (Jclark919)
JC Pax (Jclark919)
Customer Support

About US

What makes F-Guard unique
Roleplay innovations since 2013

F-Guard is the market leader in providing unique and exclusive roleplay apparel in the virtual world of Second Life. In 2013, Mr. Frimon wanted to have a custom made uniform for his very own Roleplay group. As he couldn’t find any company providing such, he decided to found his own company and brand. F-Guard was born. F-Guard provides since June 2013 finest roleplay apparel for the SL Mainstream market and custom work for role-players. With the help of 2 very talented Scripters, F-Guard introduced in 2015 the brand EMERTEC which provides competent, state-of-the art and high quality technical solutions for Emergency Roleplay Responders in the field of Emergency Dispatch, Alarm Systems, Building facility management and others.

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