F-Guard Galveston Fire Station released !

Dear Customer, F-Guard teamed-up with one of the best architectural companies in Second Life, “Digital Cult Lifestyle” (http://mydigitalcult.com) and we are pleased to introduce the Galveston Fire Station to you. The F-Guard Galveston Fire Station is based on its RL-Building at the Scholes International Airport at Galveston, 45 miles southeast of Houston, Texas. ———————————————————————– About[…]

F-Guard Belmont Fire HQ

F-Guard Belmont Fire HQ released

The Belmont Fire Headquarter is based on its Real Life Station in Belmont Massachusetts / USA. The Station comes with 5 apparatus bays, which will fit to the HD Tower 71 and also the ARFF 3000. It comes with sectional overhead doors, lights, exit signals. It has a huge open lobby, 5 offices, a large[…]

F-Guard TacU - Set 1

F-Guard Tactical Uniform for women and men released

F-Guard is pleased to release the Tactical Uniform. The Uniform comes in 2 Sets. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Set 1 (POLICE, SWAT, SHERIFF, POLIZEI, SEK): ?The Uniform is made for women and for men. Each gender will be provided by 5 standard mesh sizes. Women version in XXS, XS, S, M, L; male version in XS, S, M,[…]


F-Guard San Francisco Fire Station released

We added just another master piece to our portfolio. The San Francisco Fire Station is based on its RL building, SFFD Fire House 1. The building is partly build with mesh, partly old-school with prime. Textures and materials are partly hand-crafted. The building comes with the F-Guard Sectional Overhead Doors, door exit signals, lights, RP[…]

F-Guard Tactical Uniform Coming soon

F-Guard Tactical Uniform – A Teaser

The work is still in progress, but we would like to present you a teaser of the upcoming new Tactical Uniform. The Uniform will be a available in 2 sets. Set 1 will come with labels Police, Polizei, SWAT, SEK and Sheriff. Set 2 will come with the labels ARMY, NAVY, Security and Coast Guard.[…]