1k .. where the journey is taking us

As most of you will agree, the F-Guard 1k System was and is a big improvement and an outstanding tool for the Role-play Community in SL. Since it was introduced at September last year F-Guard provided 3 bigger updates and extension to it. We are also planning to give you one more in this year. What are the things you can expect ? Clearly we listened to our customers and the system user and most of the ideas, which will be in the next updates, came from the community. Some of your ideas couldn’t be included due to limitations of SL.

Lets start with the list:

  1. Alarm forwarding to pagers
    • some of our customers mentioned that in SL a dispatch center cannot be manned 24 hours a day and so it would be nice to have a “alarm forward” feature integrated in the Dispatch system, which will forward all Fire & Security Alarms directly to pager groups .. we listened to you .. the feature will come
  2. Remote Door opener
    • some of our customers asked if it would be possible to have a remote door opener for the F-Guard garage doors, which they could use as a HUD. … we listened to you .. the feature will come
  3. Door opening via Motion Detector
    • some of our customers asked if it would be possible to use the Guardian Motion Detectors as door opener… I like that feature .. it will come
  4. Animation of the crowbar / halligan tool
    • the animation to break a door is not nice. it will be reviewed and there will be a dynamic animation in the next update
  5. Random false alarms
    • some of our customers asked if it would be possible if smoke detectors or motion detectors could have randomly false alarms .. the idea is good, I believe its not needed but we listend to you .. the feature will come
  6. Update drone
    • As you know .. the 1k All-in-one system comes with more than 100 parts. Every time we provide an update for it, its like a pain in the ass to replace old with updated parts. We will take the Caspervend update feature (some of you know it) as an example. We will develop an update drone which will “flight” to each rezzed part of the system and update it automatically if needed.
  7. Security orb / Watch dog
    • we will integrate something like an security orb in our system which will work with the alarm system and the respective  rp doors to provide you privacy whenever you need it
  8. Alarm Board 2.0
    • the alarm board will be updated to version 2.0, which will give you some more visual features
  9. 3rd party access to the system
    • I had yesterday a discussion about getting access to the 1k system for other creators and their tools. The idea is good. We still need to evaluate that idea but I believe it could be integrated in 2 phases. Phase 1 could be the communication of 1k parts TO others. e.g. doors indicate open/close status and transmit this to a traffic signal. Phase 2 could be the communication of the 1k dispatch system to parts of other creators. e.g. 1k Dispatch could open garage doors of S2/HD. This all need to be evaluated and negotiations need to be done between F-Guard and some creators.  At this moment I cannot promise anything. But the idea is on the desk. What will def. not come is that other Dispatch system will ever be able to communicate with the 1k system.
  10. Website based Dispatch
    • Sometimes the question comes why we are not providing the 1k system as a website based application. I have 2 answers for this questions. First of all, and thats the absolut main reason for it, we are all in SL and the system is provided by and for SL. Our vision was never to provide with the 1k system a “browser game”. Everything shall be controllable via and inside SL. Someone would say thats totally old school thinking .. yes maybe, but thats our vision for the system and we are not going to change this. The second point is that every communication from an outside source, like a website based front-end, makes the whole system vulnerable. Means, if for example the outside server gets broken the system stops to work, if it got hacked .. the system will stop to work, if the server faces an overload .. the system will stop to work. If the creator stops to pay the server bill and leaves SL .. the system will stop to work. And so on. We would produce more problems than the feature would give you an improvement.
  11. 1k grid-wide function for all parts
    • thats a bit same like the topic above. every communication which goes and comes from outside SL makes the system vulnerable. we want to avoid this as much as possible. thats the reason why we prefer to use sim repeaters. Most of the rp sims are stand-alone which will not need such a feature at all and estates with more than one sims are 99% of the cases connected to each other, in which the repeater solution works perfectly. So beside the pagers, which I agree need to be grid-wide, nothing else will be changed to a grid-wide working version.

Until now its not really clear when this update will come. My dear customers, just note, we listen to you and if you see more features which could be an improvement to the system tell them to us and we will evaluate and see if it is possible. I am also quite aware that maybe some of our competitors will now copy/paste some of the ideas. Thats the way in SL and finally most of the ideas came from the community in any way.

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