F-Guard Door Video Phone released

F-Guard is proud to present the F-Guard Door Phone, a product of the EMERTEC Line.

The system works on a chat based communication protocol. Rez the bell beside your door, the door phone e.g. in the kitchen and the phone in your bed room.

As soon as someone presses the bell icon on the bell, a ringtone will sound at the phone and also at the door phone. The person which triggered the bell will be asked if his avatar picture could be used. If he approves this, the avatar picture will be shown at the phone and also the door phone. You can open the communication now by just clicking on the hand-set of the phone or to click on the small hand-set icon on the door phone. Everything what is said in whisper range of the phones and the bell will be transmitted.

As additional feature, the Door Phone is compatible with the F-Guard 1k RP Doors. This means, you can unlock the doors, to open them for your guests by just a click. The package also includes the plain texture of the name sign of the bell. So you can put your very own name on it.

F-Guard Emertec Door Phone

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